Bob Gorman began working with Slave Pit and GWAR in 1988. After a two year stint of part time involvement, he dropped out of art school and has been involved almost full time with GWAR ever since. At first his involvement was merely prop fabrication and live character roles, but over the years this evolved into a multitude of other roles. A contributing writer, penciler, inker, and colorist to the Slave Pit's self published "Slave Pit Funnies", three tours of stage managing GWAR's live show, shop foreman for the fabrication department from 1997 to the present are among a few of thoses roles. After moving to New York City in the fall of 2000, Bob became involved with the Subculture Gallery, and regularly showed his own work there until the gallery's closing in late 2001.

The Slave Pit fabrication shop came out of a one year slumber and Bob returned to Richmond in the fall of 2001 to once again collaborate with the artists and musicians in GWAR. Several tours later he still resides in Richmond, and is currently working on a history of GWAR "coffee-table" book and GWAR documentary, as well as his own artwork, custom sculpture bicycles, and several old MOPARs.

Bob can be reached at

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